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Communication tools

To assist in communications about the National Plan we have developed a National Plan infographic and other communication tools.

These tools are intended for use by all Australian governments, National Plan partners, and community groups and individuals to assist them when they are communicating about the National Plan.

Our National Plan Infographic conveys the story of the National Plan and how it is addressing the issue of violence against women and their children in Australia.

We have developed a number of communication tools, including audience, common statistics and key messages, which have been developed in consultation with state and territory governments and National Plan partners. We acknowledge that how governments, National Plan partners, and other community groups and individuals tell the story of each key message will be different. However, our key messages have been developed to help create a consistent and united voice when communicating about the National Plan and the issue of violence against women more broadly.

These tools are part of a more detailed communication toolkit, which contains National Plan communication and branding guidelines, including design files. This toolkit is provided to governments, partners and stakeholders doing work under the National Plan. Contact the Department of Social Services for more information.