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Fourth Action Plan

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The Fourth Action Plan 2019-2022

The Commonwealth Government is leading the development of the Fourth Action Plan 2019-2022 of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022 (the National Plan) in partnership with state and territory governments.

The Fourth Action Plan is the final action plan of the National Plan and is due for implementation from 2019.

Fourth Action Plan consultations

National consultations with stakeholders to inform the development of the Fourth Action Plan began in mid-July and will continue until October 2018.

Consultation summaries will continue to be updated and published on the website. There may be small differences in the format of summaries, which reflects the flexible and interactive nature of conversations had.

Information captured from the Fourth Action Plan consultations will also support discussions on reducing violence against women at the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) National Summit in Adelaide in October 2018.

The Department of Social Services has developed responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the development of the Fourth Action Plan, including questions sent to the FourthActionPlan@dss.gov.au mailbox and those raised at the Fourth Action Plan consultation workshops. The FAQs will be updated and published on the website throughout the consultation period.

Fourth Action Plan Consultation Summaries

Adelaide Consultation Summary

Alice Springs Consultation Summary

Australian Capital Territory Consultation Summary

Brisbane Consultation Summary

Cairns Consultation Summary

Darwin Consultation Summary

Hobart Consultation Summary

Kalgoorlie Consultation Summary

Melbourne Consultation Summary

Perth Consultation Summary

Port Augusta Consultation Summary

Sydney Consultation Summary

Diverse Sex, Sexuality and Gender Summary of Consultation

Users of Violence Consultation Summary

Women with Disability Consultation Summary (Melbourne)

Consultation Summary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Indigenous Family Violence Consultation Summary – Men’s Break Away Group

Indigenous Family Violence Consultation Summary – Women’s Break Away Group

List of organisations invited to attend Fourth Action Plan consultations
These organisations were invited by the Commonwealth, and do not include the several organisations invited by states and territories or the names of attendees that participated under their own names rather than an organisation name, who have been removed for privacy reasons.

Fourth Action Plan Background and Evidence Paper

Fourth Action Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Further information

If you would like to stay informed about the development of the Fourth Action Plan, you can email the FourthActionPlan@dss.gov.au mailbox.