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Workplace Equality and Respect project

Responsible government

  • South Australia

Fourth Action Plan actions

  • Primary prevention is key
    • 1 Advance gender equality and respect for women through effective primary prevention initiatives.

What are we doing?

The project builds upon the Workplace Accreditation Program that the Equal Opportunity Commission previously led from 2015-2017, where 19 South Australian State Government agencies achieved White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation. This three year, $350,000 per annum South Australian Workplace Equality and Respect project aims to strengthen gender equality and promote safe and respectful workplace cultures across the public sector.

The Project is utilising the Our Watch Workplace Equality and Respect Standards and aims to ensure that participating South Australian Public Sector agencies are equipped with the tools, knowledge and capacity to apply best-practice approaches to workplace gender equality and respect as part of preventing violence against women.

What is next?

Twenty-four South Australian government agencies are currently working towards White Ribbon Workplace reaccreditation by 30 June 2021.

Recognising the critical role of workplaces in the prevention of violence against women, the project is considering next steps with the aim of ensuring a continued focus across government.

What difference will we make?

By addressing the underlying drivers or causes of gendered violence, the project will contribute to preventing violence against women.

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