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Support Aboriginal families through the Aboriginal Family Safety Workers in Child and Family Centres

Responsible government

  • Tasmania

Fourth Action Plan actions

  • Support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and their children
    • 8 Develop innovative and alternative models for victim and perpetrator support that contribute to safe healing and sustainable behaviour change.

What are we doing?

This action supports ongoing delivery of the Aboriginal Family Safety Workers, who are based in Child and Family Centres that provide culturally appropriate support, engaging with Aboriginal families to deliver activities that promote family safety and address family violence and its impact on children.

What have we achieved so far?

Safe Homes, Families, Communities commenced implementation on 1 July 2019. Aboriginal Family Safety Workers is an ongoing initiative that commenced under the previous action plan, Safe Homes, Safe Families: Tasmania’s Family Violence Action Plan 2015-2020.

The Aboriginal Family Safety Workers continue to provide culturally appropriate support to Aboriginal families across the State.

What is next?

Ongoing delivery of the Aboriginal Family Safety Program in Child and Family Centres.

What difference will we make?

The Tasmanian Government is committed to ensuring the service system is responsive, integrated and innovative; empowering victim-survivors and provide additional support for children affected by family and sexual violence; and working with communities to drive generational change.

Supporting Aboriginal families through the Aboriginal Family Safety Workers in Child and Family Centres Safe Homes, Families, Communities represents the next stage of the Tasmanian Government’s long-term commitment to preventing and responding to family violence and a new response to sexual violence. It is the vision of the Tasmanian Government that all Tasmanians are safe, equal and respected and that our homes, families and communities are free from all forms of family and sexual violence.

The intended outcomes of this action include:

  • Child and Family Centres engage with local Aboriginal families;
  • Child and Family Centres are culturally competent and better able to recognise and response to Aboriginal clients’ experience of family violence; and
  • Tasmanian Aboriginal communities and organisations are better able to support their clients to navigate the service system.

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