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Specialist DFV Court Model

Responsible government

  • Queensland

Fourth Action Plan actions

  • Improve support and service system responses
    • 17 Collaborate across services, sectors and workforces to ensure responses to women affected by domestic, family and sexual violence are coordinated, meet women’s needs, avoid women having to retell their story and promote their recovery.

What are we doing?

Building on the success of the Specialist Domestic and Family Violence Courts in Queensland, there is an ongoing commitment to continue to evolve the Specialist Domestic and Family Violence Court model in response to evidence and evaluation findings.

Key features of the specialist DFV court model include:

  • acknowledges that the court process is a touchpoint for service delivery, and seeks to enhance victim safety while ensuring perpetrator accountability;
  • specialist magistrates and prosecutors have a high degree of knowledge and experience of the complex legal framework underpinning domestic and family violence and how to apply those laws to people in need of help;
  • specialist court registry with responsive court registry staff;
  • wrap‑around specialist support services including duty lawyers who are available to provide advice and representation in court for aggrieved and respondent parties;
  • court support workers;
  • it provides perpetrators with strong encouragement to deter them from using violence, as well as imposing appropriate sanctions;
  • is multi-disciplinary and collaborative in nature.

What have we achieved so far?

The Specialist DFV Court at Southport became Queensland’s first permanent Specialist Domestic and Family Violence court in 2017, after a trial period of almost two years, which commenced 1 September 2015.

Invested $8.1 million over four years from 2018–19 to expand Specialist Domestic and Family Violence Courts across Queensland. Specialist DFV courts currently operate at Southport (fully integrated), Beenleigh, Townsville, Mount Isa, and Palm Island.

Amended laws to better protect victims and hold perpetrators to account.

Provided support for people involved in domestic and family violence court proceedings, including by introducing a new online form to help guide people through the process of applying for a Domestic Violence Order and releasing a series of resources including videos on the court process for domestic and family violence (including in Auslan and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages).

The Community Justice Group (CJG) Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) Enhancement Program is building the capacity of CJGs in discrete communities to respond to DFV.

Eleven CJGs are delivering a local domestic and family violence response through the design and implementation of local place-based responses with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Cherbourg, Coen, Doomadgee, Hope Vale, Mornington Island, Mossman, Northern Peninsula Area, Palm Island, Thursday Island, Woorabinda and Wujal Wujal.

The local responses implemented range from employment of male and female DFV support workers, employment of DFV program manager/coordinators and enabled delivery of on-country and cultural healing programs.

Introduction of a new free service called Counselling Notes Protect. The service is delivered by Legal Aid Queensland and Women’s Legal Service. This service provides advice, assistance and representation to sexual assault victims and counsellors who seek to prevent disclosure of counselling communications in court under the new sexual assault counselling privilege introduced in Queensland.

The privilege introduced in December 2017 limits and in some circumstances, stops the disclosure and use of confidential communications made between a victim of sexual assault and a counsellor during a criminal proceeding for sexual offences, related civil proceedings or proceeding under the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 (Qld), where there is an allegation of sexual violence.

What is next?

Upcoming milestones include:

  • Implementing fully integrated DFV specialist courts at Beenleigh, Townsville, Mount Isa and Palm Island
  • Courts will deal with civil and criminal domestic and family violence matters.

What difference will we make?

The intended outcomes of this initiative include:

  • Enhanced victim safety; and
  • Increased satisfaction of victims that they feel safe at court;
  • Ensuring perpetrator accountability; and
  • Giving perpetrators strong encouragement to stop using violence;
  • Increased satisfaction of victims with the court process.

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