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Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative

Responsible government

  • Queensland

Fourth Action Plan actions

  • Improve support and service system responses
    • 17 Collaborate across services, sectors and workforces to ensure responses to women affected by domestic, family and sexual violence are coordinated, meet women’s needs, avoid women having to retell their story and promote their recovery.

What are we doing?

Skilling Queenslanders for Work (SQW) represents a suite of skills and training programs that assist a range of targeted equity groups with skills development, nationally recognised training and job opportunities. Women returning to work and young people, including those in and transitioned from out-of-home care, are key target groups.

For participants experiencing domestic and family violence, SQW provides customised support in a safe community-based setting and represents a longer-term strategy leading to employment and financial independence. Broader social and support networks are also available on the project–based delivery model offered under SQW.

Projects can provide work experience alongside nationally recognised training; and job search and readiness skills including where to look for work, how to apply for work, help to understand employer expectations, resume preparation and writing, and job interview skills. Most community-based organisations also offer a period of post–participation support.

A key feature is the delivery of appropriate specialist or support services to address personal, health and social issues so disadvantaged participants can overcome identified barriers to learning and employment.

The highly successful SQW initiative represents a total funding commitment of $430 million over six years to assist a minimum of 54,500 disadvantaged people, with $90 million invested across the state in 2020–21.

What have we achieved so far?

SQW represents a significant investment to support up to 54,500 disadvantaged Queenslanders, into work through a suite of targeted skills and training programs. SQW continues to exceed milestones with the target of assisting 54,500 disadvantaged Queenslanders into work reached early, in October 2020, eight months earlier than anticipated. As at 28 February 2021, $442.67 million has been committed to date under SQW with $388.28 million actual expenditure. All funds are now fully committed. State-wide SQW has provide nationally recognised training, skills development and job opportunities to 71,002 people. To date, 57,368 people have been assisted under SQW with 35,316 gaining jobs.

Since 2015, 37 projects have identified as providing customised support to Queenslanders experiencing domestic or family violence.

What is next?

This initiative will continue to provide training, skills development and employment based opportunities to women affected by domestic and family violence. Currently, funding for SQW is until June 2021, though projects will continue to be delivered into 2022.

What difference will we make?

The Queensland Government expects to see that:

  • There is an increased percentage of domestic and family violence victims who feel safe and supported to re-enter the workforce
  • There is an increased percentage of participating organisations that report changes in policy and/or approach to domestic and family violence.

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