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Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Framework

Responsible government

  • Northern Territory

Fourth Action Plan actions

  • Respond to sexual violence and sexual harassment
    • 13 Prevent sexual violence and sexual harassment before it happens through national and targeted initiatives that promote informed consent, bodily autonomy and respectful relationships.
  • Improve support and service system responses
    • 16 Enable workforces to provide trauma-informed support with a focus on safety and recovery to victims and survivors of domestic, family and sexual violence.
    • 17 Collaborate across services, sectors and workforces to ensure responses to women affected by domestic, family and sexual violence are coordinated, meet women’s needs, avoid women having to retell their story and promote their recovery.

What are we doing?

The Northern Territory Government has committed $6.49 million from 2019-20 ongoing for initiatives under Action Plan 1: Changing Attitudes, Intervening Earlier and Responding Better (2018- 2021) of the Northern Territory’s Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence Reduction Framework 2018- 2028 Safe, respected and free from violence. This investment includes the development and implementation of the Northern Territory Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Framework 2020- 2028 (the Framework).

The Northern Territory Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Framework, for the first time, sets out the NT Government’s progress and priorities for action to respond to sexual violence.

What have we achieved so far?

In July 2020, the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Framework and its Priority Action Plan were released. The Framework was developed after consultations in Darwin, Katherine, Alice Springs, Tennant Creek, Nhulunbuy with Aboriginal women and men within government; Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations; specialist sexual assault government and non-government agencies; and specialist domestic and family violence service providers and networks. A public online consultation was also held through the Northern Territory Government’s ‘Have Your Say’ website, which received 32 responses and submissions.
Northern Territory Government agencies have agreed to the Priority Actions they will implement in the short-term in support of the eight-year Framework.

Work has commenced on the mapping of sexual violence prevention and response services and programs across the Northern Territory.

Training for front line responders responding to disclosures of sexual violence from children, young people and adults, and responding to children and young people with harmful sexual behaviours has been developed and commenced delivery, through the Department of Health Sexual Assault Referral Service.

What is next?

  • An implementation plan is being developed to guide agencies in implementing the agreed Priority Actions.

What difference will we make?

  • Sexual violence is recognised, understood, prevented and not tolerated.
  • Children and young people who experience sexual violence are safe and supported to heal.
  • Children and young people who engage in harmful sexual behaviours are safe and supported to heal.
  • Adults who experience sexual violence are safe and supported to heal.
  • Adults who commit sexual violence are held accountable through the justice system and have access to programs that change behaviour.
  • Services and systems are strengthened to respond to the needs of people who have experienced sexual violence.
  • Domestic, family and sexual violence is prevented and not tolerated.
  • Territorians at risk of experiencing violence are identified early and provided with effective interventions.
  • Development and implementation of policies that challenge rigid gender roles, gender inequality, sexism and discrimination.

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