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Resources on technology-facilitated abuse for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women

Responsible government

  • Commonwealth

Fourth Action Plan actions

  • Support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and their children
    • 6 Value and engage the expertise of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and men, communities and organisations to lead in the creation and implementation of community-led solutions to build and manage change.
  • Respect, listen and respond to the diverse lived experience and knowledge of women and their children affected by violence
    • 11 Deliver policies and services to address the disproportionate impact of violence on particular groups.
  • Respond to sexual violence and sexual harassment
    • 15 Strengthen the capacity of all sectors to address sexual harassment to ensure women are safe at work, while studying, in public and online.

What are we doing?

The Commonwealth Government will work with Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations to:

  • identify how technology-facilitated abuse (TFA) is being used in the context of domestic and family violence
  • co-create specialist materials to empower frontline workers in the community to effectively support Indigenous women
  • provide support to ensure the program can scale and support frontline workers across the country.
  • The Commonwealth Government will provide $2.5 million between 2019-20 and 2021-22 to fund resources to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women identify, report and protect themselves and their children from technology-facilitated abuse.

What is next?

  • Due to the impact of COVID-19 there have been some delays experienced in undertaking consultation with identified communities.
  • Research into the TFA experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women from regional and remote communities has been commissioned, and will be completed and released by June 2021.
  • In December 2020 grant opportunities were offered to Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations in identified regions to engage a dedicated project officer, to work with eSafety in the creation and roll out of place-based training and resources.
  • Applications closed on 11 February 2021 and are currently being assessed.
  • A specialist trainer has also been engaged and training on technology-facilitated abuse for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island women will be rolled out from May 2021.
  • The next annual progress report for this initiative will be due in the second quarter of 2021.

What difference will we make?

Intended outcomes for this initiative include:

  • communities actively participate in the development of culturally appropriate training and support materials
  • sectors and communities have increased capacity and capability in understanding the impact of technology-facilitated abuse
  • Indicators for monitoring the performance of these activities include:
    • completed development of culturally specific training materials
    • number of frontline workers trained.

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