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Raise It! Conversation Starter Toolkits

Responsible government

  • Victoria

Fourth Action Plan actions

  • Respond to sexual violence and sexual harassment
    • 13 Prevent sexual violence and sexual harassment before it happens through national and targeted initiatives that promote informed consent, bodily autonomy and respectful relationships.
    • 15 Strengthen the capacity of all sectors to address sexual harassment to ensure women are safe at work, while studying, in public and online.

What are we doing?

The Victorian Government provided $250,000 in 2018–19 to fund Raise It!, a program to prepare and pilot workplace education and training toolkits. The toolkits cover sexual harassment in the workplace, discrimination related to pregnancy, parental leave and return to work as well as flexible and part-time work requests.

Safe and Strong: A Victorian Gender Equality Strategy commits to the exploration of legislative and complementary measures such as workplace education and training to better protect against gendered discrimination.

What have we achieved so far?

The Raise It! pilot was developed and delivered over a 14-month period, and the toolkits and education program were implemented over a period of 3 to 5 months in seven work sites across Victoria. These sites encompassed a broad cross-section of work environments, including public sector agencies, not-for-profits, local government and creative industries.

What is next?

  • The Raise It! pilot ended in the fourth quarter of 2018–19. These resources will be rolled out across the public sector, including publishing some public resources, to support departments and wider organisations to use the toolkits and conversation cards in their workplace.

What difference will we make?

  • The short-term intended outcome for this program is that training and materials that address underlying gender stereotypes are provided to organisations.
  • The short-term intended outcome for this program is that awareness and skills in workplaces to address pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment and access to parental leave are strengthened.
  • The short-term intended outcome is that participants build confidence and competence to have conversations about sexual harassment and gendered discrimination.
  • The long-term intended outcome is an increase in rates of reporting of sexual harassment in the workplace in Victoria.
  • The long-term intended outcome is that Victorian workers are better protected against sexual harassment and gendered discrimination.
  • An independent evaluation of the program was completed in August 2019.

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