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Primary Prevention Data Platform

Responsible government

  • Victoria

Fourth Action Plan actions

  • Primary prevention is key
    • 2 Improve coordination across primary prevention activities to maximise their impact on community attitudes and behaviours that lead to violence.

What are we doing?

Victoria will develop a comprehensive and coordinated Primary Prevention Data Platform, to drive evidence, outcomes and monitoring in violence prevention. Respect Victoria’s data platform will provide the necessary data and tools for policy makers, researchers and practitioners to track population-level progress towards the prevention of family violence. This includes monitoring and evaluating progress on prevention, and the ability to report on trends in the prevention of violence against women and family violence. A data dashboard will be published on the Crime Statistics Agency’s (CSA) website as an addition to the Family Violence Data Portal.

What have we achieved so far?

The CSA is commissioned by Respect Victoria to manage this project. The initial phase is under way to develop a conceptual framework to guide the selection of data indicators that are relevant and can be drawn from reliable data sources.

What is next?

Family Violence Data Platform development commenced in the fourth quarter of 2018–19 and is continuing until the third quarter of 2020–21.

  • Phase 1: The development of a conceptual framework to guide the selection of data indicators, led by Respect Victoria (fourth quarter of 2018–19 and concluding third quarter of 2019–20)
  • Phase 2: The creation of a data dashboard which will provide an interactive visual depiction of the identified data indicators, led by CSA (fourth quarter of 2019–20 and concluding second quarter 2020–21)
  • Phase 3: First construct of the Family Violence Data Platform will be finalised and utilised by policy makers, researchers and academics by the third quarter of 2020–21, and reviewed for ongoing growth and development

What difference will we make?

  • The intended outcome is that the first construct of the Family Violence Data Platform will be finalised by the third quarter of 2020–21. This will be a world-first online interactive platform that will track progress towards a Victoria free from violence at a population level.

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