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NSW Women’s Strategy 2018–2022

Responsible government

  • New South Wales

Fourth Action Plan actions

  • Primary prevention is key
    • 1 Advance gender equality and respect for women through effective primary prevention initiatives.
    • 5 Promote healthy and safe relationships and build gender equitable values through initiatives for children and young people.

What are we doing?

The NSW Women’s Strategy 2018–2022 is a whole-of-government, whole-of-community policy framework that aims to improve the economic, social and physical wellbeing of women and girls across NSW.

The Women’s Strategy is supported by annual action plans with initiatives across government and the non-government sector, including agreed targets and outcomes.

What have we achieved so far?

The NSW Government released the Year One Action Plan in August 2018 and the Year Two Action Plan in August 2019.

The Year Two Action Plan included the Year One Final Report. The Year One Final Report included highlights such as:

  • supporting flexibility for all government sector jobs on an ‘if not, why not’ basis;
  • supporting women and girls with eating disorders; and,
  • the release of the women in sport strategy, Her Sport Her Way 2019-2023.

The Year Three Action Plan was released in March 2021 and describes initiatives undertaken during the period July 2020 to June 2021. The Year Three Action Plan includes the Year Two Final Report. The Year Two Final report included activities such as:

  • development of a tool to promote existing financial literacy resources to women – the Women’s Financial Toolkit – It’s your future
  • delivery of a video communications based training resource to assist services in working with Aboriginal families and young people patients
  • delivery of priority projects through the NSW Rural Women’s Network, including producing two issues of the Country Web, showcasing rural women’s stories and providing access to key information and supports, delivering the annual Rural Women’s Gathering, and facilitating the Shaping Our Future Together workshop for rural women.

What is next?

NSW Government agencies continue to implement actions under the Women’s Strategy Year Three Action Plan and any incomplete Year Two Actions. Delivery of some actions in the Year Two Action Plan were significantly impacted by COVID-19, resulting in seven actions reported as ‘delayed’ or ‘not started’. Women NSW will continue working with agencies to progress Year Two actions.

The Year 4 Action Plan is currently being finalised and will include actions undertaken from July 2021 through to June 2022. The Year Three report card will be included in the Year 4 Action Plan.

The Year Three final report will include activities such as:

  • A social media campaign with the eSafety Commissioner to educate and create awareness of Image Based Abuse, and
  • Scope the impact of miscarriage and In Vitro Fertilisation on women’s workforce participation.

What difference will we make?

Expected outcomes of the Year Three Action Plan include:

  • improving women’s financial wellbeing and security;
  • creating opportunities in occupations and industries where women remain under-represented;
  • promoting and supporting a holistic approach to women’s health across the lifespan; and,
  • maximising women’s physical, social and economic potential.

The Year Three Action Plan also supports women’s engagement through social networks, access to information and building confidence through diverse representations of women and girls.

Agencies report progress at the end of each action plan.

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