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Kimberley Family Violence Service

Responsible government

  • Western Australia

Fourth Action Plan actions

  • Support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and their children
    • 8 Develop innovative and alternative models for victim and perpetrator support that contribute to safe healing and sustainable behaviour change.

What are we doing?

The Kimberley Family Violence Service is a key initiative of the Safer Families, Safer Communities, Kimberley Family and Domestic Violence Regional Plan 2015–2020 (the Kimberley plan) which sets out the framework for responding to family violence with a focus on Aboriginal families and communities.

The Service works collaboratively with other agencies to provide a wrap-around response that promotes the safety and recovery of adult and child victims and reduces or manages the risk posed by the perpetrator. The Service comprises Men’s Family Violence Workers and Women’s Family Violence Workers in Broome, Derby, Halls Creek, Fitzroy Crossing and Kununurra.

The key principles underpinning the Service are:

  • the safety and wellbeing of child and adult victims experiencing or at risk of experiencing family violence is paramount;
  • to increase safety for women and children, the risk posed by the perpetrator must be managed;
  • perpetrator accountability and risk management are best achieved in an across government and community sector integrated response;
  • early proactive intervention increases the chance of a safe outcome; and
  • services must be culturally responsive and secure to meet the needs of Aboriginal people.

The WA Government will contribute approximately $1.2 million in 2020/2021 for the continuation of the Kimberley Family Violence Service.

What have we achieved so far?

An independent evaluation of the service was completed by Thirdforce Consultancy Services during September and October 2018 and included a two-week field trip and data collection in Kununurra, Wyndham, Halls Creek, Broome and Derby. The report found that even though the service had only been operating for a limited period there was already ‘substantial evidence from stakeholders that the service is impacting the community in a very positive way. Overall the service is regarded by many as a developing program that is operating in a very challenging context.’

What is next?

Family violence in Aboriginal communities as an issue of state importance. The 10 Year Strategy for Reducing Family and Domestic Violence will include a dedicated approach to Aboriginal family safety based on strengths culture and local solutions to improve outcomes for Aboriginal women, children, families and communities.

What difference will we make?

The Kimberley Service provides significant benefits to the community including improved safety for child and adult victims of family violence. Creating safety for women and children has secondary benefits related to increased participation in community and education.

Furthermore, the role of the Kimberley Service in raising community awareness about family violence and working with local service providers to improve responses to family violence, supports increased capacity of the community and services overall to respond appropriately to family violence now and in the future.

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