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Greater support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and children in remote areas and areas of high need

Responsible government

  • Commonwealth

Fourth Action Plan actions

  • Support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and their children
    • 6 Value and engage the expertise of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and men, communities and organisations to lead in the creation and implementation of community-led solutions to build and manage change.
    • 8 Develop innovative and alternative models for victim and perpetrator support that contribute to safe healing and sustainable behaviour change.
    • 9 Address both the immediate impacts and deep underlying drivers of family violence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through collective action with governments, service providers and communities.
  • Respect, listen and respond to the diverse lived experience and knowledge of women and their children affected by violence
    • 10 Implement community-led and tailored initiatives to address the unique experiences and needs of communities affected by multiple forms of discrimination or inequality.

What are we doing?

Under the Fourth Action Plan, greater support will be provided for Indigenous women and children in remote areas and areas of high need.

Services will be delivered through holistic, intensive family case management, support and counselling. This includes providing access to services that will work with the whole family to address the impacts of violence.

  • The Commonwealth Government will provide $13.5 million between 2019–20 and 2021–22 for two new Indigenous specific measures under the Fourth Action Plan, which includes funding to implement greater support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and children in remote areas and areas of high need.

What have we achieved so far?

Work has commenced to establish a co-design process in partnership with communities, experts and service providers. The Commonwealth will shortly commence a process to select experts, who have lived experience and/or relevant expertise in family violence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, trauma, healing and adolescent development, to form an expert reference group to provide advice and support on the two new Indigenous specific measures.

Service delivery locations are being finalised in the areas of highest need, and with Indigenous organisations and service providers that can best meet the needs of Indigenous women and their families.

What is next?

The co-design process will ensure that solutions are culturally safe, holistic, and trauma-informed for Indigenous women, their families, and communities. The expert reference group will co-design appropriate service delivery models for the two new Indigenous measures of the Fourth Action Plan to address Indigenous family violence.

Service delivery is expected to be implemented from the third quarter of 2020, and could include:

  • a range of interventions required to support the complex needs of Indigenous victim/survivors and their families including internal and/or external referral pathways to additional services,
  • tailored treatment plans with trauma-informed interventions, sexual assault counselling, safety planning and may include warm referrals to other appropriate organisations as necessary,
  • providing services to family members with the intention to change problem behaviours and strengthen motivation and commitment to change, and
  • other best-practice services or innovations to address the impacts of violence.

What difference will we make?

Intended outcomes of this initiative include:

  • Indigenous women and children in remote areas and areas of high need have improved access to trauma‑informed, intensive, wrap-around services that are culturally appropriate.
  • Indigenous organisations in areas of high need are better equipped to deliver holistic, intensive case management support and counselling to the whole family.

Indicators will be developed during the co-design phase of this initiative.

The intended long-term outcomes for the initiative will aim to achieve a significant and sustained reduction in violence against Indigenous women and their children.

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