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Enhanced DFV Housing Response

Responsible government

  • Queensland

Fourth Action Plan actions

  • Improve support and service system responses
    • 20 Improve access to suitable and safe accommodation within their communities for women who have experienced domestic, family and sexual violence.

What are we doing?

Queensland will be implementing an enhanced housing response for individuals experiencing domestic and family violence, which is person-centred and responsive to housing and support needs through coordinated referrals, assistance and services.

What have we achieved so far?

Key achievements include:

  • Improved frontline housing service delivery capability to respond to domestic and family violence through state-wide training and focused business process and pathway planning service approaches for this cohort
  • Delivery of projects to address barriers facing victims of domestic and family violence when seeking or leaving private rental accommodation, including domestic and family violence toolkits regarding tenancy laws.

What is next?

By June 2021, Queensland’s Department of Housing and Public Works intends to:

  • Deliver more person-centred and holistic intake and assessment process through the implementation of a tailored pathway planning approach to ensure timely and appropriate services and support are provided to meet individuals’ needs
  • Deliver specialist Domestic and Family Violence-focused housing products
  • Implement new staff support tools and new information systems to enable more timely and appropriate responses and improved data reporting.

What difference will we make?

The impact of this initiative will be measured by:

  • The number of people experiencing Domestic and Family Violence whose housing needs are met
  • The development and delivery of a comprehensive suite of new Specialist Domestic and Family Violence housing products to extend the options available to people.

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