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Centralise management of family and sexual violence services within the Department of Communities Tasmania

Responsible government

  • Tasmania

Fourth Action Plan actions

  • Improve support and service system responses
    • 17 Collaborate across services, sectors and workforces to ensure responses to women affected by domestic, family and sexual violence are coordinated, meet women’s needs, avoid women having to retell their story and promote their recovery.

What are we doing?

Under this action, the Tasmanian Government will work with government and community-based specialist family and sexual violence services to standardise reporting and data collection to ensure ongoing best practice, compliance with National Standards and evidence-based service delivery that responds to demand.

What is next?

This action will commence in August 2020.

What difference will we make?

Safe Homes, Families, Communities represents the next stage of the Tasmanian Government’s long term commitment to preventing and responding to family violence and a new response to sexual violence. It is the vision of the Tasmanian Government that all Tasmanians are safe, equal and respected and that our homes, families and communities are free from all forms of family and sexual violence.

The Tasmanian Government is committed to ensuring actions informed by evidence and best practice, and to monitoring, evaluating and reporting on efforts.

Implementation of actions under Safe Homes, Families, Communities will be guided by an implementation plan developed by responsible agencies. The Tasmanian Government will monitor implementation of each action under Safe Homes, Families, Communities and undertake ongoing evaluation to inform future delivery. As part of the Tasmanian Government’s commitment to transparency and accountability, annual progress reports will be publicly released each year.

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