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ACT Government Response to the Domestic Violence Prevention Council Report from the Extraordinary Meeting 2018

Responsible government

  • Australian Capital Territory

Fourth Action Plan actions

  • Improve support and service system responses
    • 16 Enable workforces to provide trauma-informed support with a focus on safety and recovery to victims and survivors of domestic, family and sexual violence.
    • 17 Collaborate across services, sectors and workforces to ensure responses to women affected by domestic, family and sexual violence are coordinated, meet women’s needs, avoid women having to retell their story and promote their recovery.

What are we doing?

The ACT Government Response is a whole of government response to the Final report from the Domestic Violence Prevention Council Extraordinary Meeting addressing the needs of children and young people impacted by family violence, 2018. This report made five key recommendations on specific actions the ACT Government can take to ensure that children and young people are accorded equal status in consideration of domestic and family violence. The ACT Government has accepted all of these recommendations

The ACT Government Response details the specific initiatives that will be occurring across Government that will improve the ACT’s capacity to understand and respond effectively to the needs of children and young people affected by domestic and family violence, including sexual violence. Many of these actions are due for completion within 2019‑20.

What is next?

An implementation plan for the first year, July 2019 to June 2020 has been included in the ACT Government Response. This articulates the initiatives to occur, the lead within the ACT Government for each initiative and specific milestones and timeframes for each initiative.

Several new initiatives have been funded in response to the DVPC Report recommendations; some of these initiatives are exploratory in nature, employing a strong action-learning or try, test and learn approach. Continuous monitoring and learning during the first year will inform the development of an implementation plan for the second year.

What difference will we make?

Actions undertaken against the recommendations in this Report will help develop insights and understanding into the needs of children and young people impacted by domestic and family violence. This will augment the existing family violence sector to be more responsive to the needs of children and young people impacted by this violence and ensure that responses expand and capture all members of the community.

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