Hearing her voice: Kitchen table conversations on violence against culturally and linguistically diverse women and their children

Hearing her voice: Report from the kitchen table conversations with culturally and linguistically diverse women on violence against women and their children was released on 30 July 2015.

Under the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010–2022 (the National Plan), all Australian Governments have committed to deepening our understanding of diverse experiences of violence, including the experiences of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) women. We have also committed to working with communities to prevent violence, ensure that the voices of CALD women are heard, and support women and their children who may require a range of targeted responses.

In 2014-15, CALD women leaders hosted 29 kitchen table conversations throughout Australia with women from more than 40 ethnic and cultural backgrounds to discuss violence against women and their children. The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the key issues and some suggested responses raised by participants in the conversations. The findings of the consultation process will inform implementation of the National Plan.